Going to Cornell? - Don't miss out on the Baum and Wallace Family Scholarship

Cornell is a “needs blind” university, which means that it reviews applications for admission without considering an applicant’s ability to pay. All applicants who are accepted, and who meet the means tests, will receive a combination of grants and scholarships. In 2018, to receive a full scholarship, this meant having family income under $60,000 and net worth of less than $100,000; students with greater family income and/or assets would be eligible for less than a full scholarship. Prospective students will automatically be considered for grants when applying for financial aid.

The Baum and Wallace Family Scholarship was created in 2014, to create a community of support among NFTE students at Cornell and an ambassadorship between Cornell NFTE students and their home high schools. The scholarship also ensures that Cornell will recruit NFTE students for the application process, and be alert to their interest in the ILR program. As of the Fall of 2018, five NFTE students have received this scholarship as part of their financial aid package to Cornell.
The amount of the scholarship varies, and has increased, each year and is part of the total financial aid a student receives. It is strongly advised that each Cornell applicant alert NFTE staff of their application and its status, but there is no separate scholarship application.

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