Entrepreneurial Mindset Training


You're invited to participate in an innovative entrepreneurship training piloted by the Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). This training, known as Personal Initiative (PI) training, is different from other entrepreneurship training programs; here’s why:

  1. Focus on an entrepreneurial mindset: PI training focuses exclusively on sharpening one’s entrepreneurial mindset. Thus, this training is applicable to entrepreneurs from any sector - from sole proprietors to owners/managers of businesses with less than 500 employees. Topics include:
              a.  Sharpening one’s opportunity-identification skills
              b.  Instilling innovation in every aspect of your business
              c.  Becoming more proactive in one’s daily routine
  2. Evidence-based: Unlike many promising approaches to helping entrepreneurs, PI training has been rigorously tested and, on average, leads to a 30% increase in firm revenue in the two years following the training. These results were published in the world’s top scientific journal, Science.
  3. Reverse innovation: PI training has been nearly exclusively developed and tested in emerging economies. Like many “reverse” innovations from emerging economies (e.g., mobile payment systems) it promises to work well in high-income countries, but has yet to be tested among entrepreneurs in the United States – this is why we’re excited to pilot this training here at LMU.

Sign up by July 1, 2019 for the first PI training held in the U.S. – facilitated by Dr. Alex Glosenberg of the LMU Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship. Dr. Glosenberg was trained in PI by its originator Dr. Michael Frese from the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. This training is part of an ongoing project at LMU to study the most effective ways of facilitating the empowerment of entrepreneurs.

Training sessions will be held at LMU on the following four Fridays from 11 - 5 p.m. 

  • July 19
  • July 26
  • August 2
  • August 9

Coffee and snacks will be provided.

Participation in the training is free, but you must agree to:

  1. Attend and actively participate in all four sessions
  2. Agree to complete three brief surveys on you and your business – one before, one immediately following, and one after a month.



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