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Entrepreneurs aren't determined by race. Their potential shouldn't be either. Entrepreneurs Access Network teams with Black and Latinx founders to transcend barriers and scale their businesses.

Seeking Black and Latinx companies for the Entrepreneurs Access Network

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***Make sure to email alumni@nfte.com if interested to support your application ***

Minority-owned companies contribute greatly to the US economy (4.7 million jobs) and capital market ($700b annual revenue). But many Black and Latinx businesses cannot reach their full potential due to barriers that make funding, capital and connections difficult to attain. As an expansion of our current programs that help entrepreneurs succeed (34 years of Entrepreneur Of The Year®; 12 years Entrepreneurial Winning Women™), EY has developed the Entrepreneurs Access Network (EAN) to help Black and Latinx companies bridge the disparity gap and achieve new heights.

Selected entrepreneurs participate in an immersive program, providing them with access, resources and capital. This network is an expansion of our current entrepreneurial eco-system, which includes over 34 years of recognizing innovative business leaders through EY’s Entrepreneurs Of The Year (EOY) program. The network also includes 12 years of honoring and supporting women founders through EY's Entrepreneurial Winning Women program.

Application guidelines 

To apply for EY EAN, complete the online application, which will undergo an assessment and approval process. Please note: All the fields in the online application are mandatory. The descriptive fields have a word limit of approx. 250 words. Strategic and financial information provided in the application is considered private and stays strictly confident within the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network program. Deadline to apply is September 30, 2020.

Eligibility requirements Only the CEO or President (with operating responsibility) of a venture with at least a 51% ownership at the time of application can apply.*  Cofounders (if any), may apply as a group, if they meet the ownership criteria.  If a venture is selected for the Entrepreneurs Access Network program, the decision as to who ultimately participates and represents the company (whether it be only the founding CEO or the group) will be determined by the program selection committee. The applicant’s company must be more than two years old with headquarters in the US. Only for-profit businesses may apply. There is a flexibility on criteria based on the scalability of a company. 

Criteria and selection Applications will be reviewed by a panel selected by the local geo EAN program business leader. The selection panel will look for entrepreneurs with conviction, tenacity, vision and an overall professional acumen, to run a high-potential business and scale it into a market leader.  Applicants are expected to demonstrate the qualities needed to take full advantage of this opportunity. This includes a certain level of business sophistication to interact effectively with accomplished CEOs, investors and business advisors.

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