NFTE's 2020 WSI is open - Design thinking for UN Goals and $$

Interested in solving problems that matter? Welcome to WSI.

NFTE's World Series of Innovation invites young people to get involved in solving the biggest challenges facing humanity today and help advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



The three best ideas submitted in each challenge category win cash prizes! $1500 for first place, $600 for second place and $300 for third place

1. PICK A CHALLENGE - Which of the challenges gets your brain ticking and your creativity flowing?

2. BRAINSTORM - Click Get Started to register, then start the rapid ideation! Set a timer and come up with as many ideas as you can in short order. Pick the best one to submit. You can ask a teacher or coach to help you brainstorm, but the idea you ultimately submit should be your own original work.

3.SUBMIT YOUR IDEA - Click on the Get Started or Accept Challenge button to register, then build your entry online. Submit the entry form whenever you're ready. You can do it all in one session or save your work and come back later to finish. Just be sure to submit by December 14, when when the submission period for the Fall 2020 challenges ends!

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