The Institute for Responsible Citizenship Welcomes Applications for Class of 2018 (Summer Program)


From hundreds of applications, the Institute for Responsible Citizenship selects some of the nation’s best and brightest African American male college students to participate in its Washington Program. It includes:

  • High-level internships in their fields of interest

  • The Lynde and Harry Bradley Seminar on Economic and Constitutional Principles

  • Comprehensive leadership and professional development workshops

  • Private briefings with some of the nation’s most prominent public and private sector leaders

The Institute supplements these activities with extensive support from Institute alumni, staff, and friends. Most importantly, the scholars become a part of a genuine network that will support them in their lives.

The program runs from Sunday, May 29 through Saturday, July 23 and is a two summer commitment. During the first summer, students focus on classes, internships, meetings with inspirational leaders, and bonding with the other young men in their cohort. Professional development, character development, mentorship, and graduate school preparation are priorities for the second summer, and students still work full-time at internships. Housing is provided by the Institute, and if students are not placed in a paid internship, they will receive stipends to help cover living expenses.

The Institute selects scholars from all over the United States. They have a wide variety of interests and represent small liberal arts colleges, large universities, Ivy League institutions, and historically Black colleges and universities.

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Interested candidates must meet the following guidelines:

  • College Sophomores
    Applicants must have sophomore standing at an accredited college or university and have completed at least one academic year on a college campus. First-year students with sophomore status are not eligible to apply. Second year community college students are welcome to apply, but must show proof of acceptance to a four-year institution before beginning their first summer in the Institute.

  • Strong Academic Performance
    Although the Institute does not have a GPA requirement, transcripts are carefully reviewed. Applicants' transcripts should reflect a rigorous and challenging courseload. All majors are welcome.

  • Campus Involvement
    Applicants should be active members of their campus communities, including student organizations, arts or athletic programs, and community service activities.

  • Two-Summer Commitment
    Applicants must be willing commit to two consecutive summers in the Institute.

For questions or more information regarding eligibility, please email or call 202.660.2501.


The Institute is currently accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Washington program.

To apply to the Institute, applicants must submit all materials listed below. Application packages must be received by The Institute by February 15, 2017.

  • Completed Application Form
    Applicants must complete a brief application form that includes student information and three short essay responses (50-250 words). >> Click here to apply online! <<

  • Institute Essay
    Applicants must discuss America's greatest accomplishment and greatest failure since its founding. Essays should be no more than three pages, double-spaced. We do not expect these essays to be research papers - only expressions of your opinions.

  • Profile Photo
    Applicants must provide a clear, recent headshot as a profile picture.

  • Resume
    Applicants must submit a resume detailing the extent of their campus involvement, volunteerism, and work experience. This allows us to better assess your leadership abilities.

  • Writing Samples
    Applicants must submit two papers written in college-level courses. Writing samples should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to think critically. If possible, applicants should submit papers that bear a professor's grade and remarks, but this is not required.

  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    Applicants must secure two letters of recommendation from college administrators, professors, internship supervisors, or other individuals who can comment on their academic ability, leadership skills, and personal character. Recommenders can submit their letters via email to

Or mail it to:

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship
1227 25th Street, NW, Sixth FL
Washington, DC 20009
  • Official Transcript

Applicants must submit an official transcript sent directly from their campus registrars. Transcripts should be sent to the following address:

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship
1227 25th Street, NW, Sixth FL
Washington, DC 20009

All application materials must be sent to:

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship
1227 25th Street, NW, Sixth FL
Washington, DC 20009


All application materials are due on or before February 15, 2017.


Applications are reviewed by Institute staff and alumni. During the review process, you may be contacted for a telephone interview. All applicants who are accepted into the Institute will be notified by March 1, 2017.

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