NYC Changemakers! The Application for the David Prize is OPEN

The David Prize is kicking off Year Two with an open call for New Yorkers with ideas to improve the city. The entry deadline is December 4, 2020 and, once again, five individuals will each win $200K, no strings attached.


Given the work you do and your love for New York, can you please help us find folks who should submit ideas? I’m pasting a blurb below; you can also read about the Prize here and the first year’s winners here. The site has easy instructions for both nominations and applications. (FYI nominations are GREAT but not essential -- individuals can apply directly without being nominated.)


The hunt for NYC changemakers is super fun and critically important -- I hope you will be part of it!


The David Prize is a celebration of individuals and ideas to create a better, brighter New York City. Open to any individual working in the five boroughs, the Prize welcomes those with the grit and vision to change our communities, culture and our future for good. 


A day laborer building a new kind of worker cooperative. A compost guru making sustainability cool. A first-gen college student redefining college access 24/7. David Prize winners approach big issues with an ONLY IN NEW YORK attitude.


The David Prize awards 5 individuals $200K each. The David Prize funds those that others won’t, operating across sectors and outside the boundaries of impact metrics. No strings attached, no kidding.




  • Arts & creativity (public art, performance, programs to increase art accessibility, social justice and art, film, literature)
  • Education (childcare, anything related to supporting young people learn, supporting teachers and school administrators, adult education, ESL)
  • Environment & sustainability (farming, composting, parks and community gardens, water / river use and access, resiliency and data that drives it, nudges to encourage better practices at home, climate justice programming)
  • Health (aging population, home health providers, essential workers - health and support teams in hospitals, social determinants of health, community health workers, reproductive rights and women's health, food security and access) 
  • Human rights & justice (criminal justice, re-entry and alternative programs, police reform, community safety)
  • Immigration justice (support for undocumented New Yorkers legally, financially, or otherwise, ICE watch groups, support for asylum seekers and refugees)
  • Jobs & economic growth (mutual aid, cooperative support, workforce dev programs, critical business networks like laundromats, street vendors, labor unions and organizing)
  • Neighborhoods, home and community (supporting New Yorkers with disabilities placemaking, placemaking / public space, affordable housing, community fridges, homelessness and housing justice, transportation solutions including bike activism, shared transport)
  • Racial & gender equity (gender inclusivity, LGBTQ+ rights, anti-racism programming)
  • Technology & science (products and services that improve experience for New Yorkers, moonshot hardware / software, coding programs, museums)

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