Startup Tech Summer (SUTS)
2018 Teaching Assistant Application

Startup Tech Summer Overview

Startup Tech Summer is a technology, entrepreneurship, and mentorship program for high school students across various communities in NYC. The program invests in the city’s “homegrown” talent and is designed to educate and inspire students to pursue careers in entrepreneurship and technology. Students will be supported by mentors as they learn to code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and as they work in teams to create a mobile app prototype, business plan, and pitch deck. At the end of summer, each student team will demo their completed app and pitch their business idea in competition for seed capital and other prizes.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Overview

Teaching Assistants will be responsible for leading small groups of students during Startup Tech Summer’s 2- week summer bootcamp in-person workdays, all Wednesday sessions thereafter, all mentoring sessions, and an additional five hours per week depending on your team’s needs.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Attend and contribute to up to three hours of pre-bootcamp planning

  • Attend and contribute to all Startup Tech Summer classroom sessions + work days during Summer 2018

  • Assist students with general questions related to the startup process and technical challenges they will

    encounter while using Photoshop, Treehouse, Codecademy, and JustInMind

  • Provide detailed feedback on student work related to the startup process and mobile apps

  • Work one-on-one with a Startup Tech Summer team throughout the course of the summer program

  • Act as a source of motivational support during all sessions

  • Troubleshoot student challenges that occur outside of official sessions via email or phone

  • Serve alongside NFTE staff on logistical items (such as distributing lunch, supporting guest speakers,

    planning Demo Night, special projects as assigned by NFTE staff, etc.)

    Benefits of Working as a TA with NFTE Startup Tech Summer

    • Impact: Impact NYC youth and community by lending your time, skills, and experience

    • Leadership and professional growth: TAs are responsible for facilitating student engagement in all


    • Compensation: $1,000 stipend for completing service from the week of June 25 through the week of

      August 20

    • Networking:

      o AccesstoguestspeakersfromthetechandVCcommunities
      o AccesstoindustryprofessionalsservingastechMentors
      o AccesstoeveningadvisingsessionsinJulyandAugust,aswellasallothersummerprogramming

      that occurs outside of the bootcamp


      • Must be a previous Startup Tech Summer/GenT ech student

      • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – if you are not proficient in these languages, you MUST BE interested in and committed to mastering the designated coding curriculum by the end of June

Application is Due March 30th at 5 PM. Apply HERE

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