Huizenga Business Innovation Academy at NSU - Scholarship + Startup Funds!!!


The Apex Academic Program for Future Business


NSU’s Huizenga Business Innovation Academy is for first-time-in-college students. Participation in this program can help prepare you to dominate your own future. To ensure a highly personalized and immersive learning experience, the academy will admit no more than 80 students a year.


Application: Applicants must first apply, and be admitted to, NSU’s undergraduate program. They then must complete the Premier Programs Application.

Character: Excellent communications skills and a history of involvement in school-wide organizations and/or community groups are preferred.

Business Experience: Preference given for candidates who have worked for, or started, an entrepreneurial enterprise. Students should have work or internship experience. Membership in high school student business clubs or national organizations is a plus.

Interview: Attendance at one of NSU’s Shark Preview events offered each spring is required.

  1. Receive a renewable $20,000 scholarship for the first three years and a 20 percent discount on the M.B.A. in the fourth year.
  2. Achieve a B.S./B.A. and M.B.A. in four years.

Choose from five majors in fields ranging from entrepreneurship to management.

  1. Enhance your learning—and your résumé—through special summer boot camps that let you create and run your own student business.
  2. Connect with professors and industry experts to grow your personal network.
  3. Get hands-on, practical experience through faculty- mentored internships with an NSU corporate partner, entrepreneur, or business advisory board member.
  4. Upon successfully completing the program, you’ll have the opportunity to receive up to a $20,000 investment from NSU toward your own business start-up.



Gain a competitive advantage in your career, your community, and your life by being part of this innovative business program. You’ll be on the fast track to starting your own business or becoming an entrepreneurial leader for life.

That’s the NSU Edge.

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Director, Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Email [email protected]

Phone (954) 262-5024


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