Applications Open for Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program!

Applications Open for Entrepreneurial Winning Women program!

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program is a national competition and executive education program that identifies a select group of high-potential women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential to scale — and then helps them do it.

Program-participant companies’ total 2014 revenue was 54% higher than their total revenues in the years before they joined the program. Individual participants average 20% revenue growth annually; in the second year of participation, however, their companies have been known to grow up to 50%. Winners also report increases in entrepreneurial confidence, growth goals, networks and media visibility, to name a few.

The Entrepreneurial Winning Women join an elite business network and customized executive leadership program with year-round activities designed to help their companies grow rapidly:

  • - Expand their knowledge with the latest information, research and executive dialogues about business strategies and practices
  • - Identify potential partners, strategic alliances, customers and suppliers as well as prospective sources of private capital
  • - Provide access to informal, one-to-one guidance and support
  • - Strengthen their executive leadership and business skills and identify opportunities to grow through meetings with senior advisors and seasoned entrepreneurs
  • - Increase national and regional visibility for themselves and their companies among corporate executives, investors and the media

EY will accept applications through June 9 for the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program. Winners join an executive leadership program designed to help their companies grow rapidly with year-round educational and networking opportunities.

Submit your application by Friday, June 9th!


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