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Application Due April 26, 2019


NFTE Entrepreneurship Fellows Program

The NFTE Fellows Program is an exciting opportunity for a cohort of NFTE alumni to be involved in the development and implementation of NFTE's 2019 summer programming.

One NFTE alum will be selected per program office for placement as a Fellow at their local program office. Fellows will meet and collaborate with other passionate NFTE alumni from around the country over the summer. Additional Fellow responsibilities will include project management, program logistics, and opportunities to mentor current NFTE students as they progress through summer programs. This is a wonderful opportunity for motivated NFTE alumni to receive professional development training, leadership training, and participate in a 3-day NFTE Alumni Leadership Summit in New York City, June 17-19, 2019. The NFTE Fellows Program will reinforce the skills fellows have learned as NFTE students. 



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